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Double slider card, double the fun!

Sometimes, I feel that because I am new to the "business" of making cards, I am behind all trends. Which means that when I find a card type or a technique I love, it was in vogues a couple of years ago! Of course, that doesn't deter me from making the cads I like, in… Continue reading Double slider card, double the fun!

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Beautiful window card for Easter

This is probably the last post I am going to make with Easter cards. I am thankfully almost done with the ones I need for my family and friends. Can I hear a heck yeah? I decided to create a religious card. In the end, the reason why we celebrate Easter is because of Jesus… Continue reading Beautiful window card for Easter

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Wiper card 5×7, part 2

Here it is, part 2 of wiper cards. Seriously, isn't this card adorable? I love everything about it: the flowers, the bees, the flying bee! Anyways, I made a YouTube tutorial, which you can find here. It includes detailed instructions and I think much easier to follow, but then again I am a visual person.… Continue reading Wiper card 5×7, part 2

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Easter cards, part 2

Hop on the Easter cards train! I have lots of family and friends I send cards for holidays including Easter, which means, that just like Christmas, I need to start early. I had shared another post with my first Easter cards, which you can find here. Three different cards using the Easter Friends stamp set… Continue reading Easter cards, part 2

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Wiper cards

So.... I just discovered Wiper Cards.... and no, I have not been hiding under a rock. I guess that's because as I am now making videos and learning more about card making, I pay more attention when I am checking out Pinterest or a YouTube video pops up on my feed. Anyways, wiper cards are… Continue reading Wiper cards