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Hidden Pop-Up Flap Fold

I am back! I went to visit my family for about 15 days... and I have to be honest, I was so busy, between work, getting ready for Thanksgiving and getting ready for the trip. I was not able to keep up with the blog, although I did have my regular lives on Tuesdays... but… Continue reading Hidden Pop-Up Flap Fold


Super cute Christmas Pop Up Card

Creating pop up cards has become a fun learning process/ challenge for me. Just like any other card, it has its own learning curve... and I think I am finally understanding well how to make these cards. I made a video tutorial to share with you what I have learned so far and create with… Continue reading Super cute Christmas Pop Up Card

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Elegant Christmas Fun fold

Looking for a simple but elegant Christmas fun fold? You came to the right place. This Christmas card is simple and very elegant, that will stand on its own and make any spot you put it, a special one. AND... Remember, that on 9/15/22 there's going to be a 24 hour sale!!!! 15% OFF SELECTED… Continue reading Elegant Christmas Fun fold

Christmas Cards, Stampin'Up

Christmas Explosion Card

This Christmas explosion card is not your everyday card. This is a special one of a kind card to give to someone special this Holiday Season! This card offers endless possibilities for any season or occasion and I can't wait to see what you create. Don't forget to download your pdf tutorial. This website contains… Continue reading Christmas Explosion Card

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A twist on the planter fun fold card.

This "planter" fun fold card is definitely a card you need to try! The version I saw was focused on the "planter" part of the card... I figure we could spin it a little and get creative. I can only imagine the happiness it will bring to the recipient. Let's learn together how to make… Continue reading A twist on the planter fun fold card.