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July’s Paper Pumpkin Alternatives

I was trying to create another page, within the website for only paper pumpkin alternatives, but it will not work as I was hoping so, I am including them in the blog, this way you will have access to the measurements. Let me know if you need assistance! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkPqGe2aWFA Measurements Card base is white card… Continue reading July’s Paper Pumpkin Alternatives

interactive card, Z folds

Wiper cards

So.... I just discovered Wiper Cards.... and no, I have not been hiding under a rock. I guess that's because as I am now making videos and learning more about card making, I pay more attention when I am checking out Pinterest or a YouTube video pops up on my feed. Anyways, wiper cards are… Continue reading Wiper cards

Halloween card, Z folds

Double Z fold cards

I guess you can see from my post that I really like interactive cards. There is something about playing with these cards that inspires me. Double Z folds are super fun, but easy, and we all like easy, right? I am posting here 2 different versions of the cards. A halloween themed one, because, hello!… Continue reading Double Z fold cards