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Double slider card, double the fun!

Sometimes, I feel that because I am new to the “business” of making cards, I am behind all trends. Which means that when I find a card type or a technique I love, it was in vogues a couple of years ago! Of course, that doesn’t deter me from making the cads I like, in the end I love crafting and it is what makes most sense, in a world that seems to be lacking some sense… I digress…

This double slider card is so cute. Super simple to make, but it definitely has a WOW, when you play with it. I made video tutorial, which you can find here.

Oh my God! Isn’t this adorable? Wait, wait it opens up…

I used the Peekaboo Farm stamp set along with the Happy hedgehogs and Create with Friends (unavailable, right now and also on the retiring list).

What will you need to make this card, you ask?

You will also need:

For directions, please watch the video tutorial. I think it will make more sense than me trying to explain it.

Here is another card I made, using Nothing better than stamp set. This stamp set I believe is not retiring. so make the most out of it!

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