5 Stampin’Up tools you MUST have

Hello friends! Let’s talk tools. It doesn’t matter is you are an experienced crafter or just beginning your journey, certain tools are very important to make you feel confident about what you are doing and the end result. If you are scrapbooking, making cards, or any papercrafting really, these tools will definitely make your life easier. Let’s get down to business.

The Paper Trimmer. If  you are like my aunt Irma, who could cut straight not matter what, then maybe this is not as important. Now if you are like me, who can’t cut straight to save my life, then you definitely need this trimmer.

This trimmer is not only extra-wide (7-3/4″ (19.7 cm) cutting base and extendable 17″ (43 cm) ruler accommodate large paper projects), it includes a scoring blade. Now, is that awesome or what? I used to have a scoring board and a trimmer, which can be super messy when you are crafting. Let’s be honest here, I am not an organized crafter, by the time I am done, it is almost impossible to find anything on my desk… Logically, the idea of just having to deal with one tool instead of two appealed to me instantly. 

On top of that, the base of the paper trimmer includes both imperial and metric measurements, and the base has a midpoint ruler for small paper projects. The ruler and paper restraint snap into place for easy transport. The blade is really sharp, trust me on this, I have used so many trimmers in my lifetime and have never been this happy with one. Give it a try!

The Take your Pick.  I like to call it the magic wand. This is a multipurpose pickup and precision tool  that really helps meticulous tasks. 

On one end, this magic wand has a tacky putty, to help pick up sequins, paper accents, and other small objects. Really, it is wonderful not having to struggle trying to get those little sequins and put them in the right place, without making a mess. You can also twist to dispense more putty. 

The other end of the Take your Pick has 2 changeable, double-ended tips with a paper piercer, mini spatula, small stylus, and large stylus. The paper piercer it’s a God send tool. I love double sided tape. It is strong and easy to use, but… you must take the back off it. The piercer does the job like magic. Not struggle taking the backs off foam adhesives or anything at all.  Now, if you like making paper flowers, the stylus can help you round those petals to give it the natural look. 

In other words, the uses for this tool are endless. And the cost, you ask… $10. Best $10 you will ever spend.


Oh the Bone Folder.  Such a small and awesome tool. This tool helps you get your creases look crisp and professional. But, it has many uses…. For example, you can use to help paper fold, when you are working into some more complicated crafts. 


The Silicone Craft Sheet. Pop quiz. Who has been almost done, decorating a card and messed up with glue or adhesives? Well, not sure about you, but I have… far too many times to count, or admit for that matter. No glue sticks to this silicone sheet, which means that you can use it every time you are putting glue or adhesive on paper, and guess what, it stays in the silicone sheet and not on your project. 


Last but not least, the Heat Tool. I love this thing. No second guessing what it does, right? This is a super useful tool. It is needed for heat embossing, if you don’t know what it is, you will want to. I will discuss this at a later blog. If you are working on a project, and using glue or are ink blending, it will help drying it faster.


And there you have it. 5 tools that will transform your craft life, all by Stampin’ Up. Follow each link if you are interested in buying them. And, do let me know what you think of them once you have tried them.

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